The San Francesco Resort, located in Agropoli, in the heart of the Cilento National Park, wasborn inside a Franciscanmonastery in 1200.
Veryclose to the city center and the beautiful Bay of Trentova, itenjoys a breathtakingview of the Agropoli sea and the Cilento and Amalfi coast.

The recently renovated structure is the result of a meticulous restoration work that has preserved the architectural beauty of the old convent. The Resort San Francesco in Agropoli, located in one of the most beautiful landscape frames of the area, is the ideal place for a refined and regenerating stay thanks to the servicesoffered:  SPA-wellness area, luxury rooms, gourmet cuisineinspired by the Cilento culinarytradition. The large terrace and the rooms overlooking the crystalclearsea of ​​Cilento make the holidayeven more pleasant.